LCD Computer Monitors

LCD has brought revolution in Television and computer monitors. When LCD technology was in nascent stage, it was used to a larger extent in computer monitor. Recent trends are changing and it is also being used widely in TV. However popularity of LCD computer monitors is as well increasing day by day.LCD computer monitors are comparatively much cheaper than earlier models. Few most popular brands of LCD computer monitor are LG, Samsung, NEC, HP, Philips, View Sonic and Apple. LCD computer monitors are available in various sizes from 15 to 24 and upward. Important factors to be considered before buying LCD computer monitor: choice of wide screen, flat screen and flat panel, resolution, aspect ratio, ratio of brightness to contrast, response time, input ports and price. LCD computer monitors price range could vary from few hundred to sub thousand dollars. Track record of service standards, warrantee and customer satisfaction are the most important aspects to be kept in mind before zeroing on any particular brand of LCD computer monitor.

Lcd monitor

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