LCD Projector Lamp

LCD Projector falls under visual aids used in educational institutes and business houses for training sessions and seminars. Early age projectors were overhead projectors that used plastic transparencies and slide projectors that used small film slides. LCD projectors can be called as modern day overhead projectors and slide projectors.

LCD Projector is like a video projector that displays images and data captured from computer on a screen or a flat surface. LCD Projectors as the name suggests are built on LCD technology. Projector lamp is the most vital part of LCD Projector. Projector lamp of LCD Projector is very costly. Large portion of overall operating costs of LCD Projector is the replacement cost of projector lamp. You must make sure to check up the listed life of lamp in hours and compare it with similar brands and labels. Most of the lamps provide for minimum 2000 hours lifecycle. You can refer the operating manuals for tips on how to extend lamp life by running the projector on different economic and saving modes.


Projector lamps

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