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  • LCD Projectors

    With the advent of new generation technology of LCD, overhead projectors and slide projectors have become obsolete in the markets. LCD Projector is a vital visual aid for educational institutes and business houses in their seminars and interactive training sessions.
    LCD Projector is a video projector or computer projector as is widely known. LCD projectors display […]

  • LCD Projector Screen

    Unique properties of LCD projector Lamp make it possible to display images on flat surface. Technological innovations have led to smaller and smaller sizes of LCD projectors. Portable LCD projectors have almost become the norm. Best image quality can be produced on white or gray flat surfaces that are now being taken up by specialized […]

  • LCD Projector Lamp

    LCD Projector falls under visual aids used in educational institutes and business houses for training sessions and seminars. Early age projectors were overhead projectors that used plastic transparencies and slide projectors that used small film slides. LCD projectors can be called as modern day overhead projectors and slide projectors.
    LCD Projector is like a video projector […]